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Components of Addiction - How I Can Help

Welcome to my blog! I find that I produce better content when I make videos off the cuff, and since I have wanted to display some information on my website about my coaching and what I can offer, I have decided to embed videos within the pages. In this video, I'm specifically addressing my work with addiction and the systems that I have personally been creating in these areas. I have drawn upon the work of many others, especially including Dr. Gabor Mate in this particular area. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants! If you are new to looking at addiction holistically, I'd highly recommend checking out his lectures and books.

In this video I address the issues that I personally had with the 12 step model and with the western medical view of addiction as an incurable disease. I do not agree with this viewpoint, and I believe that anything can be healed given the proper tools. Keep in mind that I am not (yet!) a medical doctor, and that I am not offering medical advice. This is all discussed within the video. I also discuss my personal history to a degree, and then go into some of the major components of addiction that I am capable of helping you improve. We're addressing the root of the problem, not the symptoms. More videos and blog posts will be made and written as time goes on. I have videos on my youtube, bitchute, and LBRY channels addressing each of the areas specifically mentioned in this video. If you feel that I would be a good fit for you as a coach, feel free to e-mail me and schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation. You may also book a session at any time. Please fill out the two forms provided in the documents section of this page and send them to me via e-mail.

I made a brief list of the items covered in this video. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it covers quite a lot which is explained more in depth in the video below. Here's my list of the components of addiction:

1. Emotional Pain / Triggers

2. Physical Pain

3. Energy and Energy Deficits

4. Subconscious Habits/Routines

5. Trauma (especially childhood trauma, ACE scores, PTSD, etc.)

6. Ideologies

7. Attitudes

8. Beliefs

9. Environment (work, home, school, social environments, etc.)

10. Family Influences

11. Spiritual Influences (negative entities, etc.)

12. Peer Pressure

13. Diet (gut biome, sugar intake, metabolic typing)

14. Mental Imbalances

15. Negative Feedback Loops (Needing the substance to function)

My intention is to provide you with the tools you need to overcome these types of behavioral issues and live your life to it's fullest, I hope you enjoy the video! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email at


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