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"I was not familiar at all with Human Design until I heard Sydney and Joe’s YouTube video about it. I could tell it was a vast, multi-layered system that I wanted to start exploring. So I scheduled a session with Sydney right away. She prepared a 7 page document that she explained page by page and sent me a copy to keep. I can use it as a learning tool to dig deeper because one hour can just get you started on the basics, but Sydney knew which parts to emphasize to make the most of our time. She taught me how to read the chart and showed me how several areas have already played out in my life. This is a valuable tool to help with decision making, relationship building, and even choosing your best environment. Sydney is an articulate teacher and excellent guide and I highly recommend her to anyone desiring to learn about Human Design. The earlier this is taught in life, the better! (School curriculum, anybody??)"

Peggy D.

I really appreciate Joe's one on one sessions, he intuitively knows what needs to be addressed and has the tools to help deal with it. Highly recommended.

Elisa Ruibanys - Paris, France

My first coaching session with Joe was fantastic!!!
Joe was professional and direct to keep me focused in order to gain maximum effect from the session, yet he was also gentle and really listened when I spoke. He was able to understand what I was trying to explain and quickly helped me to identify issues that I had previously been unable to.
He also suggested some techniques to use at home as well as some books that he felt would be specifically beneficial for me. Thank you so much Joe for making me feel at ease, being so supportive, and giving me tool of empowerment. I'm looking forward to our next session.

Melanie D - Wales, United Kingdom

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