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The Only Way Out Is Through (True Spiritual Healing)

I've spoken at length of my YouTube channel about the ever persistent social programming that has been used to steer the consciousness of humanity for eons. The indoctrination we've all been subjected to is so incredibly ubiquitous, complex, and all pervasive that it has simply become normal to most human beings. We're bombarded on a daily basis with advertising, neurolinguistic programming, symbolism, thought memes, and wishful, magical thinking brought to us by plastic talking heads selling us plastic dreams.

We're also constantly lead to believe that we can have many of these without making any real effort. Without putting in the time through dedication and persistence over the span of years and sometimes a lifetime to achieve the real greatness which is our birthright. For just 99.95, you too can buy my pipe dream that allows you all the benefits of actual work without ever leaving your bedroom. Can't discipline yourself to workout but want to be fit? We have a pill for that. Can't focus? Here, take some legalized methamphetamine. Here's some for your 8 year old as well (we like to start them young, it builds brand loyalty). Don't want to address the underlying issues leading to your heroin dependency? Here, take this highly toxic synthetic opiate with a molecular weight that makes it impossible for your body to properly metabolize and detox, it's called methadone. We're administering it, so that means it's definitely in your best interest to consume indefinitely. Trust us, it's safe, after all it was developed by the Nazis! I digress.

This same programmed mentality is also present in the mental health and medical communities. There are systems of medicine that are fully capable of addressing the underlying energies which manifest physical disease and allow the body to heal itself. The problem? It takes time, effort, consistency, and a willingness to endure pain. It's not going to happen overnight, and you will have to face the depths of your own soul. It requires strength, determination, faith, and belief in yourself. It takes ditching all of the self limiting lies you've been told your whole life about who and what you are. It takes courage. It takes a willingness to question every belief you have ever held about yourself, your reality, how the world operates, and ultimately, who you really are.

One such system that I am currently exploring and have been using is called Heilkunst. You can read about this at I don't like mincing words so I'll just give my straight up thoughts on the process. It's a motherfucker. It will rip you apart at the seams and you'll be sitting there holding your etheric guts in your hands. You will face the darkest aspects of yourself, but you will overcome them. You will become stronger, wiser, and most of all WHOLE. It's not a quick process. It takes time. Trauma timelines can take years to complete and then there are other underlying energies called miasma that are addressed sequentially as well after a timeline is completed. It's not easy at all, but this is real alchemy. Real transformation. The real Great Work in progress. Details about my personal experience are available in my many video logs concerning my journey with this system of medicine, if you'd like to hear it.

Why on Earth would anyone subject themselves to this hellish experience? To put it bluntly, because you're already in a hell. It's just a milder version of it. A slow decomposition. It took lifetimes to accrue the damage that has been done to your being. One cannot expect to reverse all of this easily or instantly. I've explained a lot about trauma on my YouTube channel and how it is cyclical. If you really take a look at your life, you will notice patterns. This is a match in vibrational energy that is largely stored in the bioenergetic field of the being. You're continually attracting these experiences because your soul is trying to get your attention, so it can integrate itself once again. You see, when you go through trauma, especially severe trauma, a part of you stays "stuck" in the experience. This is what soul fragmentation is about. This needs to be reversed for healing to occur.

The energy of the trauma has to be purged from the being and the soul reintegrated, bringing you fully into the present moment. There are many ways to do this, but all of them (that I'm aware of) involve facing and feeling the pain of the experience and moving through it. That's what Heilkunst does, and that's what the processes I guide people through in my work do as well. This is how one truly heals, and there is no escaping it. Anything you ignore in this life will simply be carried over into your next incarnation. This is commonly referred to as "karma", which is sort of a misnomer, but I'll use it to get my point across. Eventually, if one is to ascend, this work must be accomplished. There are two paths out of this reality field, implosion into space dust (this happens when you become a dark being, such as a satanist, and ascend negatively) or the path of ascension into the next reality plane. The only way out is through.

I am currently working through a timeline with a qualified Heilkunstler, and this has been absolutely the most fruitful process I have found in all the years of searching for means of healing myself (I was a rock bottom heroin addict), and I would highly recommend using this system. However, I have also found and utilized many other tools and modalities along my journey, and there are many things to learn on the path. Heilkunst is wonderful but it's similar to going to see a doctor. There's a lot more that needs to be learned and utilized in practice on a personal level if one is to truly become what they are capable of being. I teach clients about mindfulness, journeywork, nutrition, breath work, energy healing, crystals, essential oils, sound and vibration and their effects, subliminals, mantras and affirmations, bioenergetic breathing, physical fitness, and many, many more topics. I've worked with several shamans and healers for many years and have personal experience with all of the tools that I utilize and teach. I also have processes that I guide people through that are capable of transmuting much of the emotional energy suffered from trauma, including inner child work, usui reiki, and a particularly useful process that has similarities to EMDR, utilizing the Violet Flame as a means of energy transmutation. Feel free to shoot me an email and we can discuss any of these processes further.

I'm including a video below that uses weightlifting as an example of why it takes time, coachability, patience, effort, and humility to truly take advantage of what someone can teach you as a student. The delivery, as is my fashion, is a bit blunt. I don't have time for bullshit, we have work to do. All systems have foundational elements that must be mastered fully before you'll be able to move up to the next level. If you watch old martial arts masters practicing katas, you'll quite often see them simply practicing the basics... over and over, and over, and over, even when they are 80 years old. There is wisdom in simplicity. Some of the mundane tasks I ask of you may seem pointless, or they may seem like they aren't worth your time. That is never the case. Keep slapping water, friends. Here's the video!


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