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Initial Session

Foundational Education, Resources, Introduction to Protocols.

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • 188 US dollars
  • Online Zoom Meeting

Service Description

The spiritual work of the Self is not an overnight process. Every aspect of what is taught in these sessions can be explored in periods of time measuring in lifetimes, not in weeks or years. This work is arduous, long, and requires a very broad foundation to be acquired in a multitude of disciplines that span all areas of life. During your initial session, I will take the time to get to know you, your circumstances, your education and knowledge level, your learning style, and the degree of trauma that may need to be addressed. We will look at family dynamics in conjunction with current and past interpersonal relationships, and for those in a Twin Flame dynamic, we will go over the basic concepts that one must understand and embody to embark upon the journey to what is termed "union". My views in these matters are very unique when compared with the mainstream ideas, so be prepared to challenge any preconceived ideas and let go of outdated or distorted teachings found in the New Age and/or Luciferic lexicon. I will provide ample resources for you to explore that are in alignment with Keylontic Science and what I view as proper spiritual mechanics. It will likely differ greatly from most of what you may have learned up to this point about a great number of concepts, including twin flames. Real progress in these areas will not be made without a great deal of time and effort, and while a single session can provide many seeds and areas to explore, regular study and practice is required on your own time and regular weekly or bi-monlthy sessions are recommended. Session packages are available and can be found on the Plans and Pricing page. Included in your first session: - Basic Astrology Report (EXACT Birth Date, Time, and Location Required) - Human Design Bodygraph (Same as above) OPTIONAL - Personalized Human Design Reading from Sydney - Follow-up E-mail with personalized astrology and human design charts, along with many online resources, including access to Keylontic Science texts and many e-books on occult sciences. I require two documents to be filled out prior to the date of your first session which can be found in the documents session of my website. Please correspond with me via email prior to your session.

Contact Details

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